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  • 地區:歐美
  • 導演:賈爾斯·福斯特 杰里米·希爾波斯頓
  • 主演:邁克爾·基臣 漢妮薩科·維克斯 安東尼·豪威爾 朱利安·歐文登 弗伊爾的戰爭第二季
  • 上映:2003
  • 更新:2017-09-02
3.0 3.0


Fifty Ships--Foyle"s determined investigation of a body on a deserted beach puts at risk the donation of American Aid and the crucial start of Lend-Lease in the war.   Among the Few--Pilots and their girlfriends live fast and die young in a story of greed and passion where Foyle finds appearances are deceptive.   War Games--Divided loyalties lead to revenge and murder when a businessman puts profits before principles in a secret pact with the Nazis.   The Funk Hole--Foyle finds himself accused of a serious offense, which complicates his hunt for a ruthless murderer at a sinister hotel.